Windows Server 2016 Networking Part 3- Optimizing Network settings

First, we need to identify the InterfaceIndex number for the network adapter we want and then based on that, we will proceed to set it up. Further configuration of the network card (protocols, IPv4/v6 address) is performed in the properties of the NICTeam adapter. If you own a certification of Microsoft it automatically increases your value in the professional world. Because this portrays networking with windows server 2016 that you are a qualified professional and will be able to complete tasks assigned to you in a short amount of time compared to other because of your valuable skillset. This increases your worth in an organization and opens doors to a higher wage or new, better job opportunities. This is the same VM-QoS settings that existed in WS2012 and WS2012 R2 using the Set-VMNetworkAdapter cmdlet.

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  • This way we can make sure that a specific CoS value always has a minimum of x percentage of outgoing bandwidth.
  • If the Live Migration traffic is 0%, other traffic classes can use the bandwidth when needed.
  • To do it, you can even create a NIC Teaming group from a single network adapter.

You can configure NIC Teaming on Windows Server 2012 or newer. Let’s see how to combine multiple network adapters into a NIC Team interface on Windows Server 2019. By typing the Get-NetIPConfiguration cmdlet you can see the current IP settings of all the network adapters of the machine. You can use NIC Teaming to combine network adapters both in Windows Server and in desktop versions of Windows 10 and 11. The main thing is that your network card must support Link aggregation, NIC teaming, or LBFO.

VM Network Team Mapping

This also means that next to configuring the switches, we will need to configure the windows servers as well. Configuring network settings is one of the first steps you will need to take on Windows Server 2016. Whether you are using the GUI or Core version, changing the IP address, Subnet Mask, Default Gateway, and DNS Servers can be done in different ways depending on the case. Note that the LinkSpeed of the NIC Teaming network adapter is 2 Gbit/s. Cloud computing is about providing and utilizing resources that an app needs on demand.

You can make one of the adapters in the group a Standby adapter. In a normal operation mode, this NIC is not used to process traffic. If any other adapter in your NIC Team fails, it will be replaced by a standby one. Actually, if this function is not enabled, there will be no service downtime when any network adapter fails, since its load will be automatically distributed among other cards in the group.

Windows QoS

It will try to reserve bandwidth above what the switch can use. In this example we specified that traffic with CoS value 1 always should have 20% outgoing bandwidth when it needs it. If the Live Migration traffic is 0%, other traffic classes can use the bandwidth when needed. Configuring the windows servers includes installing the DCB feature and specifying which traffics belongs to which CoS value. After you have bound your physical NICs to a NUMA node, configured RSS and VMQ to use the right NUMA node and processors there is one more step to take.

networking with windows server 2016

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