1885 Silver Dollar Coin Value Rare Errors, O, S, CC and No Mint Mark

In its circulated condition, an 1885 no-mint mark dollar is worth between $33.50 and $63. These coins fetch more in their mint state, from $70 for a piece graded MS60 to $40,000 for gem-quality specimens graded MS69 and above. Silver dollars are one of the most valuable US coins to invest in, but it’s important to do your research before making any purchase. With any investment, you should always be prepared for the possibility of losing money. The value of 1885 Morgan Silver Dollars can fluctuate over time, so it’s important to keep track of changes. In addition to value, there are other factors to consider when investing in 1885 Morgan Silver Dollars.

  1. Proof coins are unique coins that represent a limited amount of precious metal.
  2. You can see Lady Liberty on the Morgan silver dollar obverse surrounded by the DATE and saying E PLURIBUS UNUM.
  3. However, their rarity means their value is high, so if you do own one or want to buy one to resell, consider yourself a winner.
  4. The initial silver dollar mintage was never too high because of the limited silver amount in the US Mint’s reserves.
  5. As such, large quantities of these coins sat in bags at the Treasury vaults, most released in the 1960s.
  6. Mint 1885 silver dollars may show signs of bag marks and other minor contact marks but the brilliant luster and detail will be intact throughout the coin.

The most expensive proof Morgan struck this year is the one in a PR 69 grade sold in 2011 at Goldberg Auctioneers for an unbelievable $92,000. For instance, you can find those in an MS 60 grade for approximately $50 to $60. On the other hand, those with an MS 68 rating are precious and can cost over $20,000.

How do I know if my 1885 silver dollar is real?

Furthermore, proof and error coins are typically more valuable, with auction records reaching $100,000. The survived 1885 Morgan silver dollars of 9,185,000 produced in New Orleans typically cost $30 to $60, depending on the degree of wear. On the other hand, pieces in the mint state are expensive and cost $55 to $1,175, depending on the preservation level. Rare highly-preserved coins are expensive and collectible nowadays, and only serious collectors can afford some scarce pieces.

If there are multiple examples of an error coin, its value increases because it’s more likely that it’s a complete set. As the number of known examples increases, so does the amount of interest in that coin type. US coin collecting is a fascinating hobby and a great place to start a collection that can grow over time. First of all, it is a great way to learn about American history by inspecting the coins and learning about the period they were minted. In 2011, Goldenberg Auctioneers sold what is believed to be the most expensive 1885 proof silver dollar. This specimen was graded PF69 and was auctioned for an astonishing $92,000.

Prooflike and Deep proof-like examples are accessible in the open market, with prices ranging from $150 to $1,500. Deep-proof like 1885-O silver dollars will fetch up to $14,000 for a PF67 specimen. Grading Morgan silver dollars involves examining the high points on the Contracts for differences obverse and reverse for signs of wear. Morgan silver dollars were not needed for circulation; they were mainly struck as a subsidy to support the silver industry. As such, large quantities of these coins sat in bags at the Treasury vaults, most released in the 1960s.

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You might be glad to discover that the 1885 silver dollar is worth more than face value. Any silver dollar showing signs of a past cleaning runs the risk of being avoided and ignored by discerning collectors. https://www.forex-world.net/cryptocurrency-pairs/btc-eur/ Once cleaned, Morgan dollars lose approval to a large segment of potential collectors. It is a very nice 1885 silver dollar, lively and eye appealing, not the washed out look of a cleaned and processed coin.

In addition to the regular strike of 1885 silver dollars, the Philadelphia mint produced proof coins specially struck for collectors. 228,000 Morgan silver dollars were minted in Carson City in 1885, making them valuable on the current coin market. Even those in circulated condition cost $450 to $660, while pieces in perfect condition often reach a price of $600 to $8,400. The US Mint destroyed all error coins before releasing them into circulation as pieces that couldn’t meet technical requirements. Besides coins from the regular strike, the Philadelphia mint produced 930 Morgan silver dollar proofs in 1885. Their price goes from $1,000 to $15,000 on the coin market, but rare pieces in PR 67 grade with cameo contrast are worth up to $25,000.

This coin usually commands a higher price than other grades because it is in better condition than most coins. Another valuable grade is “uncirculated.” A silver dollar that is considered “uncirculated” has never been used in trade. The hair at Liberty’s temple and coronet is typically where any worn metal first becomes visible in Morgan silver dollars. Since the San Francisco mint struck a modest 1,497,000 Morgan silver dollars in 1885, you can expect high prices, particularly for well-preserved coins. While those in circulated condition typically cost under $200, rare coins in the mint state always reach significant sums.

But Congress rejected this proposal and omitted silver coins from the authorized legal tender list, leading to a massive protest. The coin has luster, but there may be a few stains, abrasions, or surface marks. In addition to being valuable, error coins are fun to collect because you can see something unexpected on each one you own. The Morgan silver dollar was made from 1878 to 1904 and then again in 1921. It was the first silver dollar ever produced after the Coinage Act of 1873, which prohibited the free coining of silver.

Which 1885 Morgan silver dollar is worth a lot of money?

These coins are gorgeous, solid, and, more importantly, contain 90% silver, a high-demand precious metal. By determining your 1885 dollar is in acceptable condition and with original surfaces identifies collector quality with solid interest. The top coin in the image remains bright silver as minted and never saw circulation. Morgan silver dollars, as a series, are highly popular with collectors today. These now very old silver dollars are large in size, striking in design, available and represent good value with many reasonably priced.

Today there is a wide range of common to rare coin values found in your box of old coins. Check value charts, identify mintmark locations and judge condition using grading images… all combine to accurately discover the value of your old coins. The degree of wear (hopefully none at all) is a little hard to gauge but is one step that needs attention. Following the lead of collectors, examine the condition of your 1885 dollar closely.

Since the Carson City mint produced 228,000 Morgan silver dollars in 1885, surviving pieces in the mint state are rare. The most valuable are scarce deep mirror proof-like https://www.topforexnews.org/books/the-5-most-powerful-candlestick-patterns/ specimens worth an impressive $75,000 to $90,000. The initial silver dollar mintage was never too high because of the limited silver amount in the US Mint’s reserves.

The 1885 CC silver dollar is worth around $625 in very fine condition. In uncirculated condition the price is around $775 for coins with an MS 60 grade. One type of coin that you should be aware of is the extremely fine grade.

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