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Training & Marketing

The Senior Market

  • Huge population of sellers
  • Seniors’ Biggest Challenge
  • Benefits of serving Seniors
  • Building a referral based business
  • Creating a Legacy with their Real Estate
  • Help them self discover the benefits of moving

The Senior Mindset

  • Characteristics of the senior generations (Silent and Baby Boomers)
  • Common scenarios
  • Physical considerations
  • Communication style, challenges and considerations
  • Financial considerations
  • Adapting to behavior of the aging
  • Senior stages: independent, assisted, skilled care, memory care

Family Dynamics

  • Working with spouse, partner, children
  • Family disputes
  • Managing expectations
  • Understanding the roles within the family
  • Challenges the families face


  • Creating a Legacy
  • Creating a Generation of Wealth
  • Mechanics of a 1031 Exchange
  • Asset Performance Test

Allied Resources

  • Creating referral sources with those who work with Seniors
  • Understanding the needs and resources of Seniors
  • Knowing the service providers 
  • Sharing referrals in the elder industry


  • Marketing approach to seniors
  • Marketing approach to advocates
  • Marketing channels
  • Branding yourself and your team


  • Types of seminars
  • Planning a seminar
  • Pre-seminar activities
  • Seminar activities
  • Post-seminar activities
  • Marketing for seminars


  • Create a team
  • Hire virtual assistants
  • Leverage partners


  • Marketing approach to Seniors
  • Marketing approach to Advocates
  • Marketing Approach to Loved Ones
  • Marketing for seminars
  • Power Pont presentations
  • Material materials to include a library of flyers, email marketing, print ads, social media tiles.  customization options available.


  • C-REP50+ certification through the Complete Solution (TCS) training
  • Use of The Complete Solution (TCS) Logo and the C-Rep50+ Logo once certified

TCS Network

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Serving “Seniors” in real estate is not a popular topic for many realtors. It takes extra time, lots of patience and servant hearts. As Keller Williams agents we found that not many specialize like we do in that market. We heard about Dan Ihara and his team at a Family Reunion event several years ago. Listening to Dan while he talked to Gary on stage gave us pause because we could see that we had a lot in common in the way we do business. Someone with the same goals and mindset as ours but doing it in a bigger way. It was at that point that we both knew we wanted a powerful source like Dan’s Ihara’s Complete solution to power us forward in our goals and dreams for our “Seniors Real Estate” business. As a business coach Dan has encouraged and guided us to “Leverage” ourselves by growing our team so that we could do more with more. Dan helped us with strategies to convert more seminar attendees to real estate transactions. Dan insisted on SMART goals to keep top of mind awareness on the big prize and to master our goals and growth. The strategies we were given made what seemed like a large task doable and successes came sooner. We truly believe that our choice to pursue a coaching experience with Dan and Julie Ihara was a blessing in many ways. We would very much recommend their Complete Solution System to build your Senior’s business opportunities bigger, better and quicker.

..—  Ingrid and John Sullivan, Senior Downsizing Experts Keller Williams Realty, Arlington TX —

My wife Briana and I work as a team in Glendora CA at Keller Williams Realty and we were in attendance yesterday at your presentation and we wanted to say thank you. Over the past few years we have been attracted to the mature adult community (I think this comes from our parents stories) and have wanted to focus our efforts and energy more towards this market and did not know where to start, your presentation is exactly what we needed to show us that it is ok to label ourselves as the real estate expert for this segment of the population. Our main focus has been downsizing, helping the older adults who are living in a two story house downsize lets say or a bigger house downsize into a smaller single story home. As you know a lot of their equity is tied up in this house and so we try to maximize the sale price for them, part of doing that is making the pictures look great online so buyers line up at their door and so staging is included with our listings for free, that is my wife’s strength. We also take the time to help fix their home up (landscaping, painting, light electrical, etc.) and decluttering their home is always one of the first things we do, that is honestly a reason a lot of these folks have not moved sooner, they just dont know where to start and we help them with that. After walking away from your seminar it was clear to us that this is where we want to focus our efforts in real estate for the rest of our career, we are already doing some of the stuff you talked about but you showed us that there is a lot more available and a lot more we can offer and do and we need your help; we would love to offer the level of services you offer in Hawaii here in this community; I honestly want to replicate what you have there, here. I have an MBA in Finance so the financial planning side of this I love and cant wait to find out more thru the trainings, etc on how I can share this with my clients.

— Jason and Briana Lorge, Agents in Glendora CA at Keller Williams Realty —