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Training Modules

The Senior Market

  • Huge population of sellers
  • Seniors’ Biggest Challenge
  • Benefits of serving Seniors
  • Building a referral based business
  • Creating a Legacy with their Real Estate
  • Help them self discover the benefits of moving

The Senior Mindset

  • Characteristics of the senior generations (Silent and Baby Boomers)
  • Common scenarios
  • Physical considerations
  • Communication style, challenges and considerations
  • Financial considerations
  • Adapting to behavior of the aging
  • Senior stages: independent, assisted, skilled care, memory care

Family Dynamics

  • Working with spouse, partner, children
  • Family disputes
  • Managing expectations
  • Understanding the roles within the family
  • Challenges the families face


  • Creating a Legacy
  • Creating a Generation of Wealth
  • Mechanics of a 1031 Exchange
  • Asset Performance Test

Allied Resources

  • Creating referral sources with those who work with Seniors
  • Understanding the needs and resources of Seniors
  • Knowing the service providers
  • Sharing referrals in the elder industry


  • Marketing approach to seniors
  • Marketing approach to advocates
  • Marketing channels
  • Branding yourself and your team


  • Types of seminars
  • Planning a seminar
  • Pre-seminar activities
  • Seminar activities
  • Post-seminar activities
  • Marketing for seminars


  • Create a team
  • Hire virtual assistants
  • Leverage partners

Marketing Material

  • Marketing approach to Seniors
  • Marketing approach to Advocates
  • Branding yourself and your Team
  • Marketing for Seminars
  • Powerpoint presentations

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