Terms and Conditions

By checking the “I agree” box(es) on the checkout page, you are (1) consenting to the use of your electronic signature to record your commitment to the terms of the agreement(s) in lieu of an original signature on paper, (2) agreeing to the receipt of electronic communications and (3) acknowledging that you have read, understand and agree to such terms and conditions. A copy of the agreement(s) will be sent to the email you provided. IMPORTANT ELECTRONIC SIGNATURE TERMS. (link to below).

The TCS (The Complete Solution) Membership Program is a membership-based program through The Complete Solution (TM). Membership fee is per person. Sharing of a membership is not allowed. Membership eligibility is based on licensed real estate agents who have attended an agent-exclusive presentation on the senior market presented by Dan Ihara of The Complete Solution (TM) and who have paid in full the upfront membership cost. The “Show special” is limited to agents who attended the “Dominate the Road Show” agent-exclusive presentation and has enrolled and paid for membership the same day of the presentation. Membership will begin when the TCS Membership website has launched and the agent has received his/her credentials to access the website. Renewal of membership is automatic using a credit card authorization for recurring payments at the time of enrollment. Cancellation of a membership must be made in writing to The Complete Solution (TM) within 30-days to the annual renewal; cancellations prior the renewal period are not prorated nor refundable. Request to upgrade or downgrade a membership will be honored in writing. For upgrades, the member will be assessed a prorated amount at the time the upgrade is fulfilled. For downgrades, the member will be credited a prorated amount at the time the downgrade is fulfilled. This program is subject to change or cancellation at the discretion of The Complete Solution (TM); notification will be provided within 60 days of changes or cancellation. Written inquiries and requests may be done through emails or U.S.P.S. first class mail to The Complete Solution (TM), 4747 Kilauea Avenue, Suite 201, Honolulu, Hawaii 96816

IMPORTANT ELECTRONIC SIGNATURE TERMS. Additionally, you confirm that you currently have the hardware and software required to read and retain your membership and/or other services agreement(s), and any notices and other information that the company may send to you in electronic form. These requirements include internet access, a working email address, and access to a working printer. You also confirm that you will promptly notify the company if your email address is discontinued or changed.